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Common Mistakes in Writing Real Resumes

If you need help writing resume cover letters or otherwise, you can turn to professional real resume help. The cover letter is just as important as the bulk of the resume. When you turn to job search assistants or a LinkedIn Profile Development Service you can say “help me write a resume” and receive instant help with the cover letter, resume, or interview coaching.

Combination With Professional Help Writing a Resume

When considering this formation, it is best, however, to consider incorporating a combination resume. This is one which lists your experience and your skills first with your employment history following. This can provide a list of your work history while also highlighting your skills as they pertain to the relevancy of the potential job.

Common Mistakes to Avoid With Professional Help Writing a Resume

Some of the most common mistakes made when writing a resume include making it too long. The resume should be a concise single page which describes what you did in the best light. Many people mistake the purpose of their resume as a means of listing and describing past jobs, not listing and describing your past performances and achievements, relevant to the potential job at hand.  Another major mistake is leaving out the job objective. This is in fact the most common mistake on many resumes. The job objective should be stated at the top in no more than five or six words. Leaving that out demonstrates to the potential future employer that you do not necessarily have any direction or you were sending generic resumes without much thought into this one.

Another mistake is not listing relevant, or any, work experience. If you have work experience through summer jobs, part time work, or self-employment, it should be listed. Some younger applicants might think that they aren’t qualified because they have only worked as a babysitter. Something is better than nothing. Listing that you were a babysitter and were self-employed shows that you are able to manage yourself, that you have professional references, and it also shows that you were responsible in many tasks such as child care, which might have lent itself to required first aid training.

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