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Importance of Resume Summary of Qualifications

The summary of qualifications is recently becoming a more popular way to begin a resume. However, the summary of qualifications is not right for every resume. You must choose wisely between the objective statement, the profile statement and the summary of qualifications – this will definitely help with resumes.

A brief overview of all three by our real resume help experts

Objective Statement: The objective statement is a simple line or two of text that informs the reader of your intentions by submitting your resume to them. It is simple and to the point, a good thing when your resume is being read by very busy people. However, you also run the risk of being redundant if you are not careful.

Profile Statement: The profile statement is an introduction to your resume as a whole. It contains brief information about your skill set, experience, goals and any special highlights of your resume that are especially alluring. The trick is to keep it short and sweet, but still packed with captivating information.

Summary of Qualifications: The summary of qualifications is somewhat of a hybrid between the objective statement and the profile statement. It states more information that the simple objective statement, but much less that the profile statement. It focuses in on your qualifications that are specific to the job you are applying for. This is great for people who have a lot of qualifications but may be weak in another area. It is also good for those whose profession is base mostly on qualification and skill set rather than experience and goals for the future.

Why is the Summary of Qualifications Important?

The summary of qualifications, if you choose to go that route, will be the first thing that a reader reviewing your resume will read. Those top few lines are valuable real estate on your resume, so you want to make them count. If you choose to utilize the summary of qualifications on your resume, it is likely because your qualifications are what will set you apart from other candidates. If the beginning of your resume is unsuccessful, the reader is likely not to even make it to the qualifications section in the body of your resume. Your summary of qualifications should be alluring and interesting, and should only contain those qualifications that are impressive and relevant.

How to Construct a Successful Summary of Qualifications

resume helpThe summary of qualifications must be more than just a simple list. It must be organized in such a way that categorizes your qualifications into specific skill sets that relate to each other. Break the statement up into multiple sentences so that you don’t get the “list effect”. Also, don’t feel the need to list every qualification that you have in the body of your resume in the summary of qualifications. Otherwise, you run the risk of redundancy. Only share qualifications that will impress your reader and make them want to keep reading. Our real resume help experts consider that another way to make your summary of qualifications more alluring is to play with the aesthetics of the text. Maybe make the summary bold or italic, or underline it in an eye catching color.

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We hope that these tips have helped you on your journey to a successful resume. Remember that Real Resume Help is always here to assist you in the writing of your resume, in full or in part.

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