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Professional Resume Checklist from Real Resume Help Experts

Checklist from Resume Help Experts

resume helpWhen writing a professional resume, there are a few things our real resume help experts think  you have to make sure to include in order for your resume to be successful. See below a checklist that will help you get through the resume writing process.

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Contact Information: You want to include everything that you can to make it easy for your potential employer to get in touch with your. This means mailing address, email address, home and cell phone numbers, and anything other information that will help. When giving your mailing address, be sure to include your zip code and apartment number, if applicable, when giving your mailing address. These are items that are often forgotten by resume writers.

Experience: This section should include all previous employment. List locations, time span and the position that you held, along with a detailed list of the responsibilities that you had. Think about what each job has in common with the one that you are currently seeking and focus on the responsibilities you held that link the two and prepared you for employment.

Education: List all college and university education. While you are attending college, it may be a good idea to include your high school education, but do not elaborate on it unless there is something extraordinary that needs mentioning. Once you are a professional, omit the high school section from your resume altogether. Make sure to include all degrees that you have earned, as well as any awards or honors that you attained.

Skills: In this section, try to evaluate what skills the company you are applying to is looking for. List only relevant and impressive skills that the reader will understand. It is important to be relevant in this section and not just make a bulleted list that goes on forever.

Professional Affiliations: List any professional memberships that you are affiliated with. This shows that you are involved and active in your chosen field, and that you possess the qualifications necessary to become a member of these organizations.

Things to Omit: Don’t include anything that could potentially cause discrimination. Also stay away from revealing previous salaries and benefits in the prior employment section of your resume.

Design and Aesthetics: Don’t make your resume too crowded, as this makes it very difficult to read. Use color effectively but sparingly. It can be a nice addition, but it is very easily misused.

We hope that these real resume help tips have helped you to create a standout resume. If you need assistance in any area of your resume, the team here at Real Resume Help is always at your service.

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