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I am very happy with the way my resume was written as I got the interview appointment and hoping to get a job offer! I am pleased with the attitude and attention your resume writing service has given to my order. Thanks a lot for your effective resume help!

Tom, USA

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Cover & Follow-up Letters Writing

Technology and the way that we produce documents has certainly changed, but one thing has not—the importance of submitting cover letters and following up your interview with thank you letters. Using cover and thank you letters in your job search is not only strategically one of the wisest decisions that you can make, the bottom line is that business etiquette still dictates that you should use them. Think about it for a moment. Look at it from the perspective of the decision maker.

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Resume Cover Letter Help that Works

First, let’s assume there are two candidates with about the same credentials and experience.  One of them submits a resume only without a letter of introduction, the cover letter, and doesn’t follow up their interview with a thank you letter several days after the interview, when the decision maker has likely spoken to other candidates and likely has other things on his or her mind. Next, consider the other candidate, who submits a cover letter, introducing him or her self in a professional but conversational manner, using the opportunity that the letter provides to show knowledge of the specific opening and mentioning how he or she might be of value to that organization.  This is something you cannot do on the resume, because it is all about you.  The cover letter, however, is all about demonstrating that you have knowledge of the organization to which you are applying and how you can help them achieve their goals.  (What if I don’t know anything about the company or how I can help them achieve their goals, you may ask?  Hang on, we will get to that.) By using a cover letter you already have a considerable advantage over the other candidate because you have used the opportunity to communicate more about yourself and show a more committed interest in the company to which you are applying. Get professional resume cover letter help here.

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Then, this other candidate submits a letter thanking the decision maker for their time AND using the opportunity to reiterate why he or she would be of significant value to the company with which they have interviewed.  There is also another strategic aspect to submitting a thank you letter: it reminds the decision maker of you after he or she has likely spoken to other candidates– at a  time when he or she is more likely to closer to making a decision about who is going to be selected for the job.  This is exactly where you want to be– and right when you want to be there! Now, as the decision maker, who would you be more likely to hire? But how do you write me a letter that shows that I know something about the company and how I can help them with their goals when you don’t even know what companies I will be applying to, you ask? Get resume and cover letter help right now!

Help Writing a Cover Letter for a Resume

resume cover letter helpOur resume writing team will not only help creating a resume, we will craft you customizable letters, so that you can change titles of positions and company names for each job that you apply to, and we show how you can help that company by demonstrating what you bring to the table.  If you are a project manager, for example, and we demonstrate how proficient you are at managing projects, then no matter what their goals are, you are going to show them that you will be valuable to them. Find more  about our help writing a cover letter for a resume here.

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Believe us when we tell you, the highest percentage of those who are hired used cover and thank you letters written by our resume writing service!

Still hesitant if you need help with a cover letter? We don’t have a doubt you DO! Professionally written cover letter will:

  1. Accompany your resume with impressive summary
  2. Make your application even more targeted
  3. Show employer your key strengths
  4. Remind about your unique skills and experience
  5. Put emphasis on your interest in specific position
  6. Show that you stand out from the crowd!
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