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Only customers of Real Resume Help can truly reap the benefits of a quality, professional resume writing service. And now, Real Resume Help is even better than ever! Real Resume Help has discovered that by bundling their services together into convenient resume packages, they can save you both time and money. Who wants to go to multiple different services for everything that they need? Other companies may sell individual services for similar rates as those that you will find at Real Resume Help, but no one beats out bundle prices.

The latest trend in resume writing is the personal domain with your resume there.

Eric Bowman, Business Development Manager

resume helpJob seekers are quickly learning that posting their resume on a customized domain is a fast way to get exposure in the job market. Real Resume Help is announcing a new resume writing package that incorporates this new trend, giving Real Resume Help customers an edge over other job seekers.

This new package includes:

A custom domain name under any title we recommend you and you agree for. We can even include your name in it, such as JohnSmithResume.com $1000
Strategic use of keywords in your resume and the text surrounding it for optimum web searching through google and other search engines $5000
A completely custom website design for your resume page. This service alone generally runs $100 from other online services $10000
Real Resume Help will host your domain name for you for an entire year. We will personally handle the fee. These fees generally run about $100 per year, and only go up from there $10000
We will analyze hits on your website through the usage of a special tool, installed by Real Resume Help. We will report to you every 90 days regarding the number of visitors, or potential employers, your webpage has attracted. We will then evaluate the overall success of your resume and domain and make any necessary adjustments accordingly. These adjustments come at no additional cost to you $10000

Still not convinced? Want to know what benefits these services hold for the customers of Real Resume Help?

  • A personal domain name dedicated to your resume will show potential employers that you are serious about being employed.
  • Your resume is always at your finger tips, and so simple to share with potential employers.
  • Should you choose to end your affiliation with Real Resume Help and manage your web page yourself, we will hand over full control and access of your domain, no questions asked.
  • Having a web page for your resume makes sharing it that much easier. You can list your web address on your business card, email signature or anywhere else you wish.
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The resume web page is a fast growing trend in the job market. Stay on top of it with Real Resume Help.
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